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Lone Worker Monitoring Service

At Crown Security Services we believe employee safety is of paramount importance.

For this reason we help businesses like yours to ensure the safety of employees who work alone. Our Lone Worker Monitoring Program is a simple to use, always vigilant and cost effective solution to protect lone employees regardless of their working environment or hours.

Lone Worker Monitoring provides peace of mind for everyone: employees and employers. It provides a dependable, live support for your employees with monitoring by our Control and Monitoring Centre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Through using our monitoring centre, you can eliminate the need for your own dedicated security staff while safe in the knowledge that your employees are being cared for by a professional and efficient team.

The only equipment needed to make the program a cost effective option is a telephone. Only one phone number needs to be registered and can be used by multiple workers, eliminating multiple user fees. Either a landline or a mobile phone can be used for making calls, whichever is best for the employee.

The Lone Worker Monitoring Process:

  • Employees call into our manned Monitoring Centre according to a predetermined schedule.
  • A missed check-in triggers our call back service,and our Monitoring staff will attempt to contact the employee as outlined by the customer.
  • Failure to make contact escalates the procedure to our Emergency Response Procedures Protocols can be set up to have as few as one escalation call or several before an emergency response is sought.

The Lone Worker Monitoring Program is both an automated and hands-on monitoring system, protecting an individual or multiple lone work groups. It gives each lone worker the flexibility and protection they need with a simple, single phone call into our Control Centre.