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Crown Security Services new website now live!

If this is not your first visit to our website, you will have noticed a few changes.

The previous website for our company was outdated and did not meet many of the current web design standards. As a result, this new site design has been created.

What's New

The overall design of the site has been revamped to give it a more functional layout and a more modern look.

We have rearranged some of the information on pages to make the content more manageable and easier to find.

New sections have been added so that we can provide as much information about our services / company as possible.

Additional functionality has been added in so that this new version of the website functions better on mobile devices and tablet computers.

What's to Come

While this new design brings our website up to date with modern technology, it is not the finished product. There are still some areas that will be changing so that we can continue to improve on the usability of the site.

Certain elements of this website do not function correctly in Internet Explorer due to the programs limits on function. For this reason the site will appear differently in Internet Explorer when compared to other browsers. This issue is in the process of being addressed.

Some of the images on the site will be improved upon over time so that we can keep the site looking fresh and new.

We are currently looking to add an RSS feed to our site so that when new news stories are posted, if you wish, you can be updated automatically.

While we are happy with the way the new site has turned out, we are constantly looking for ways to improve it. As technology advances, our site will undergo several changes to keep it up to date with web design standards of the time.