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Sustainability Statement

Crown security Services is in the business of delivering value to all our stakeholders. We understand this extends beyond delivering a great security service for our clients, returns for our stakeholders and development and reward for our employees. We also have a responsibility for the impact we have on society and the environment.

With this in mind, 2010 has seen the launch of a new approach to build a more positive relationship with our environment. This undertaking is focussed on looking at ways in which we can reduce any negative impact we make on the planet, whilst still achieving our business objectives and meeting our clients' expectations.

Three specific examples of the programmes being put in place across the company in 2010 include:

In order to ensure we can measure a positive impact, we have devised a `roadmap` which will measure our commercial footprint in terms of tonnes of Co2, by employee at an absolute level. We will then agree targets for reduction across the foreseeable future against a `do nothing` benchmark. And importantly devise a phased reduction and action plan of efficiencies detailing how we will get there.

Every employee will be informed and empowered to help achieve our targets.

Crown security Services peruses an active role in limiting its day to day impact on the planet and has a formal working methodology that is provided in our staff handbooks.

However, rather than just making a series of impressive sounding statements, we believe it is the little day to day things that our staff can actively participate in that add up and makes a real impact.

Under our "Recycle it" initiative, we have introduced a 100% shred and recycle it policy on all documents, and have provided in-house facilities for employees and clients to recycle all other, non-business related materials.

At the same time, we have implemented a variety of simple but effective energy saving measures in our offices from switching off lights, making sure staff power down their computers each night, discourage printing unless absolutely necessary etc.

We actively encourage the use of public transport, we also provide secure parking facilities for those members of staff who bike-to-work every day.

We actively encourage car sharing for all client related meetings. We also automatically build-in carbon off-setting into all flights taken by employees.