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Vacant Property Inspections

Whether your property is occupied or vacant you need to be sure that your building is safe, secure and presentable.

To provide this assurance and peace of mind, Crown Security Services have established our vacant property inspections service with a team of fully trained officers.

Property checks can be carried out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending upon how frequently you wish us to do them.

Our officers are trained to check:

  • Signs of squatters or traveller occupation in the area
  • Damage to perimeter fencing
  • The condition of the grounds
  • Gas, electric and water meter readings
  • Any damage to the property itself
  • The condition of any equipment in the building
  • Potential fire hazards
  • Fly Tipping on the property grounds
  • Storm damage
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Signs of infestations

While our officer is on site, they will also check the physical security of the building; making sure all windows, doors and shutters are locked shut.

A full and detailed report of our property inspection will be submitted for each visit to your property within 24 hours and can contain photographic records of the visit if requested.

The date and time of all inspections are recorded and can be sent to you on a weekly or monthly basis.